Occupational Health And Safety (OSH) Audit

Service Overview

OSH audits are conducted to determine the effectiveness of management systems, provide an objective measure of safety performance, define areas that warrant improvement, and provide information on workplace practices, managing risks, and complying with relevant legislation. The main relevant legislation is the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) 2007 and its subsidiary legislations.

The audit is conducted in compliance with Section 13 (1) of Legal Notice No. 31 of 2004 under the OSH Act, 2007 of the laws of Kenya. Under this section, every occupier/ employer is required to cause a health and safety audit of the workplace at least once every 12 months period, by a Health and Safety adviser registered by the Director of Occupational Health and Safety as per Section 10 of Legal Notice No 31 of 2004. Health and Safety Audit of workplaces and their associated operations is a way of periodically checking if and how they are complying with requirements of the OSH Act, 2007. The audit ensures that the existing Safety Management Systems at the workplaces are adequate and compliant. Health & Safety Audits enable the spread of “Best Practice” throughout a company, consequently resulting in progressive improvements.

Our comprehensive Health and Safety Audit involves an initial evaluation of the organization’s existing system for managing Health & Safety; a review of structure and methods of operation, and a survey of the workplace internally, externally, and site operations to identify hazards, unsafe acts or conditions, and non-compliance with Regulations.