Noise Survey And Mapping

Service Overview

Noise in the workplace has the potential of causing damage to workers’ hearing if the average or peak noise levels are exceeded. This can lead to noise-induced hearing loss, a permanent health condition. Noise Level Assessments are done as stipulated under Sec. 6(1) states that the occupier/ employer should carry out measurements of Noise at least once in every period of twelve (12) months in order to determine the prevailing noise. The aim of Occupational Noise measurement is to determine the exposure levels of noise in the workplace environment due to factory operation, and to obtain data for use in planning and control measures, to eliminate or minimize workers’ exposure.

The exposure level obtained after analysis will be compared with standards (threshold limit value TLV) adopted by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and America Conference of Industrial Health (ACGIH) 1989, guideline document. At AGS, we undertake workplace noise surveys to map and understand areas where noise levels exceed the regulatory guidelines and produce contour maps to identify which workers are at risk of potential hearing loss. When assessing the Noise levels, we measure and determine the noise sources e.g machines and processes causing high noise levels. We are then able to identify the prevailing risks to employees.