Construction Site Safety Supervision

Service Overview

This is based on the requirements of the National Construction Authority Regulation, 2014, and aimed at creating safer construction sites. Onsite safety management at construction sites has been recognized as an important factor in reducing injuries, illness, and fatalities, given that construction sites present a large number of hazards for workers and those nearby. Our professionals provide onsite daily oversight, safety meetings, audits, and more. Additionally, we provide consulting during the design and planning phases of projects along with reviews of the Contractor’s safety manuals.

Our role in Construction sites as safety supervisors includes: Ensuring that construction workers follow established policies and safety regulations; Developing, implementing, and enforcing project-specific HSE procedures; Safety site inspection to determine if safety hazards are present, and establishing procedures and policies to overcome those hazardous situations; Accident investigation (should one occur), to determine root cause and mitigation action to be taken; Conducting HSE training and orientation to all new workers; Ensuring HSE compliance requirements are adhered to; Attending pre-job, planning and client meetings as required on HSE related matters; Ensuring periodic drills are implemented as part of the company’s HSE program.