About Us

Through wide experience in various industries, our network of professionals provides a balanced approach to identifying the best solutions regardless of operational or human resource differences.

Clear communication with our clients is paramount in taking accountability for the provided solution, and learning and understanding our client’s business.

Who We Are

AMAIRO Global Safety Consulting Limited Is An Occupational Safety, Health, And Environment Consulting Company Committed To Providing High–Quality OSH And Environmental Compliance Solutions For Businesses.

At AGS Consulting, we believe that the significance of Safety and Health management lies in promoting a culture of PREVENTION within the enterprise, where the right to a safe and healthy working environment is respected, and where employers and workers actively participate in securing a safe and healthy working environment. Monitoring, Safety Training, First Aid Training, and other services to a wide variety of clients and sectors.

Our coordinated approach to managing risks and statutory requirements allows companies to get back to what they do best while having a safety expert at their fingertips every day. We help our clients by coaching their employees on how to work safely, recognize unsafe conditions in the workplace and become safety champions for the company and for each other. Our clients are therefore able to realize cost savings by reducing Lost Time Injuries and their associated financial burdens, and significantly reducing the likelihood of an OSH Act citation. We believe that everyone should return home in the same way they came to work.

As an Occupational Health, Safety, and Environment Consulting organization AGS provides the following services to a wide variety of clients and sectors:- Safety & Health Assessment and training; Safety audit; Risk Assessment; First aid training; Fire safety training; Fire safety audit; Air quality measurement; Noise survey; Illumination measurement; Energy audit; plant audit; Construction site supervision; Environmental audit; Environmental Impact Assessment; Medical examination and Incident/ Accident Investigation among others.


Focus on clear, concise communication

Clear communication with our clients is paramount in taking accountability for the provided solution, and learning and understanding our client’s business.

Building Relationships

Our business is built on “word of mouth” Building solid relationships with our clients allows us the insight to contribute to a Total Worker’s Safety and Health Culture.

We Care About How Your Business Works

Understanding how your business operates, your culture and safety mentality provides insight into choosing the most appropriate solution.

Building Relationships

We are a company that offers customized services for you from initial consultation and a site visit to the final report and results presentation.

Our Dream

Our Vision

To become a World-class leader in the provision of Occupational Safety, Health, and Environment Solutions recognized for the integrity of our people, the ethics of our business practices, and the quality of our services.

Our Purpose

Our Mission

To promote a safe and healthy working environment through proactive identification of corrective measures needed to eliminate or control recognized safety hazards.

Our Core Values

Constant Care

Taking care of today while actively preparing for tomorrow – forward-thinking, planning and execution, seeking out new ideas, and looking for changes in the environment.


Cooperating and working together for the common good of the people we serve, and the organization’s mission.


Our word is our bond – honesty, accountability and openness about the good and the bad.


Striving for quality in everything we do, while putting our customers at the heart of our business.